Vocal and Performance Coach at JJurek Artists, LLC


"I worked with Jen Jurek on two occasions to prepare for musical theater auditions. She was a complete professional, and treated me with gentleness and respect.  She knew when to push and how far, and was very positive in her critique and suggestions. She took me to a new level of performance, one I did not think I could reach going in to our session. And best of all, I got the parts I auditioned for!"- Jerilyn P, NYC 2015

"It is my pleasure to talk about my coaching sessions with Jen Jurek. Jen's ability to listen to my needs and understand where I am coming from, then explain things to me in a language that makes sense TO ME is the core of her teaching abilities. Her patience and positivity make for a fun and pleasant experience, even when the process of voice training seems daunting. She provides a safe space.

We've only had a couple of sessions together, but I already feel very equipped to grow in a beneficial direction as a vocalist and performer. I look forward to more coaching sessions from the fabulous Jen Jurek. In fact, I'm itching for one right now!"-Grace P. NYC 2015

Jen Jurek is skilled at discovering where I am in my evolution as a performer- not just regarding my training and skill, but also what my truth is in the very moment of our work.  While we collaborated, she was deft at finding the right words with which to guide me in my process.  It is of the utmost importance to me that a coach be honest and open and dedicated to the journey of making any piece or project really soar.  Jen has the wisdom and experience to navigate the overlap of emotion and technique when exploring work.  I felt safe and supported to find my best self and my best voice for bringing the work to life.  A sense of humor, an eye and ear for detail, a vision and intention behind the direction, a huge heart- she's got it all.  She's the companion you want in the audition room with you every time (if one were only so lucky to be allowed the luxury)." Matt M. NYC 2015 Recording session


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