Projects Past 

See below the many events of yesterday. Some of them you may have been involved with, some of them you may have been effected by. All of them....have already happened. Have a look!

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Astoria (Queens) Women's Improv Oct-Nov 13 2017


Astoria Women's Improv is an.....Astoria....based Women's Improv class and performance provided by Hallet's Cove Theater's own, Jen Jurek. This particular class is finishing up it's 6 weeks of work and getting ready to perform at the QED on November 13th at 7pm! Get your tickets at  

Women come from all different backgrounds and levels to play in a space together. Get a handle on some basics and then try out their stuff in a public way. The class is fun, low stress and joyful. Please contact Jen for future classes in your neighborhood - All Queens Women welcome!


Chashama Gala 2017

Chee Bravo, selected artist for the event in Times Square, NYC, created the "Zygote Garden". A wonderful womb-like experience with floating spheres, moving fabric, calming lights and sounds from yes...the womb. In entering you will meet the "Fertility Goddess" Performed by Jen Jurek. This was the ultimate NY experience. Champagne, Art, Nudity, Art, Performance and otherworldliness. 


Warwick NY Summer ART Festival

Christy O'Connor is a talented artist and friend residing in NJ who was selected to part-take in the "Circus" themed Warwick Arts Festival in NY in the summer of 2016.  I had the great fortune of being a part of her interactive piece acting as a soothsayer to her cabinet of curiosities. To submit a piece of YOUR art or to experience the feeling of dancing to the live music under the stars well into the night, all ages welcome, see below for more information. 

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Hallet's Cove Theater - Puppets are HAPPENING!

Hallet's Cove Theater(™), is a Queens based company which works in all forms of theater!  The Puppet Troupe, thus far, has performed all over Astoria beginning it's journey into the hearts of many in 2016.  The shows involve original music, original stories, shows for all ages as well as some inventive interactive moments as well. The Captain and Lady Jenny have much to share with your little ones! go to the "Hallet's Cove Theater" Link to find out when and where our puppet plays will be next! And if the shows don't leave you and your little ones knowing a tad more about Queens....I'll be a monkey's uncle. 

Shows to date:  (2016-2017) "The Inventor", "A "Walken" the Park- an Earth Day Show!", "Pickles Gets a Time Out", "Raiders of the Lost Toy",  "Spooky Puppet Show"