“If you meet the Buddah on the road, kill him” -zen koan

RETREAT ADD-ONS: If you have a wellness retreat in the NY region that needs something a little special, you’ve come to the right place. We here at Hallet’s Cove Theater believe that creating something unique and totally spontaneous can be a wonderful tool in steering a person back into the present moment. Improvisation is not just for comedians and professional SNL seekers. Improv has been tested and regularly proven to improve one’s overall sense of wellbeing. The price for an add-on to an existing retreat is $400 (total) for a workshop of 2 hours minimum for 20 people or less and that includes 1 instructor. The workshop model you choose can be woven into your mission statement by selecting one of our arranged programs below or discussing with us a custom option that embraces your client’s needs, style and expectations:

  • Embracing the ‘Weirdo’ (and meet your inner expert!): A Workshop in playing with your very own sense of humor, through masks, inner characters and props…lots of props.

  • Group Mind Evolution: Using connectivity and collaboration to build self confidence and confidence of those around you.

  • Playtime with Stage Fright: A “laughing” workshop designed around the spirit of letting go of no and saying yes!

  • “The Artist’s Way” (and Improv) An Improv workshop based MUCH around Julia Cameron’s original “Artist’s Way” Workbook that takes you into the unbelievable world of doing things for FUN. (This workshop is 3 hours) $490

  • Physical Connectivity and Spacial Awareness: A workshop that uses more physical games and ideas to create a flow and natural experience between beings in the room. Comedy is fun and improv is great, and with awareness of the world we live in, it can be elevated to a place that is simply…bliss.

  • Improv Drama: A workshop based entirely on performing scenes one needs to see. With techniques used in positive psychology and drama therapy, agree to create closure. We all have missed opportunities in our lives, perhaps there is a way to at least get a chance to say the thing we need to a say with a “Yes…AND” participant. Come to a healing workshop of using improv and the spirit of openheartedness to be heard, say a thing…and indeed have perhaps a little fun as well.

POP-UP WORKSHOPS: Pop-UP Improv workshops at your service beginning in 2019! Up until now, Hallet’s Cove has had a wonderful success rate with Local Women’s Improv. But what of the women’s community in YOUR area! Improv is a way of starting conversations, using humor to not only play with but also explore others sensibilities. In Improv, occasionally there will be a touchy item that comes up, but that is the beauty of caring for one another and of using art is that we will hold the moment and do our best to learn from it and carry on and you need a place to fail safely, so let’s fail all over the place! Improv is available now! The cost is $300 (including a travel fee) for a 3 hour workshop in YOUR town. Please contact us for details and see our workshop options below. Custom workshops available upon request!

*Community Enhancement: Most relatable community events require hours of your time, long speeches and demands for money. That’s a good thing! A community cannot thrive without your help. But what about the individual in your community. Where is the thing that builds bridges within the minds and creative spirits among you! Let Hallet’s Cove Theater bring in some improvisational specialists to help locate the lightswitch of laughter. Let’s have some fun!

*Women’s Wellness: Women’s Improv has been named one of the safest most enlightening way to spend an evening by women who know! Come open up to those neighbors that you can change the world with, have some wine and laugh among new friends. You won’t be sorry….and if you are…you won’t care because you were pretty awesome that night and you will smile yourself to sleep for at least a month or two at the memory.

*Date Night (with Improv): YES…you need a night out, so this class will be 45 minutes long leaving you enough time to dine and wine one another thereafter. This is a great way to start with not talking about the kids! Find games and ways to interact that delight and relax you with improv. AND…should you have an issue you cannot get beneath, let us play with it and find an answer FOR you. If nothing else, you will chuckle….through the rest of the evening.

*City Council Openness: Does your local situation require some brainstorm reform? Let’s play with “Yes And!” And make the magic “if” a regular conversation opener. Improvisation has a way of turning failed ideas into gifts; of turning no’s into maybes; and of course considering the worst ideas ever just for the fun of it. YES…Improv.


The Doctor is in!

And so are some clinical trial studies on IMPROVISATION:

Here’s an excerpt of one relatively recent clinical study:

Gordon Bermant’s Article from December 10, 2013 in "Frontiers of Psychology: Working with(out) a net: improvisational theater and enhanced well-being:

“Improv aim(s) to increase personal awareness, interpersonal attentiveness, and trust among members of the ensemble.”

Working with an Enacted Net:

“Improv plays out in social context. It can be frightening to anticipate going on stage to make it up as you go along. This is the felt sense working without a net. But there is a source support in improv that can alleviate the fear of failure. It is the realization that my only obligation on stage is to my scene partner, whose only obligation is to me. In the terms already introduced, there is reciprocity of UPR and Yes &…in every exchange. If all play authentically to each other, fear of failure loses it’s sting- a net of support is constructed from the openness, trust, and acceptance expressed within the ensemble. Individual vulnerability creates collective strength. In the setting, failure is not a meaningful concept. To experience this in any context is a stimulus to enact it in others. The contexts will differ markedly, but the cognitive-affective matrix of individuals and ensembles can become equally wholesome.”